What does it mean to be strong?

I’ve been thinking about what strength means to me. What am I working toward? What do I want to be strong in? What are my areas of weakness? What can I focus on to get stronger and achieve my goals?

Whether personal or professional, it reminds me of strategic planning. Defining my mission, vision, and values. Taking a look at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and then establishing goals.

Thinking through all of these things for 2018, I keep coming back to more goals around who I want to BE or what I want people to know about me. Not just what I want to do or how I want to do it. I want to strengthen my ability to:

Be real.

Give mercy and compassion.

Make people feel loved.

Be a good listener.

Inspire others, and help them see their potential.

So what now? I know that when I am in a hurry, when I’m under stress, that it’s harder to slow down and be who I want to be as outlined above in each moment. My plan for 2018 to give myself the space to be this person? Slow down…and play! (more to come about that)

In my case, strength will be saying no, doing less, just being…


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