My word for 2018.

Mindless, selfish, play. Regardless of outcome, free to creative abandon. Play.

I’ve spent much of my life worried about the opportunity cost, worried about what lies ahead and the end game. So much of my focus has been what will be that I forget to live in what is.

When I pile on too much, or the pressure feels to heavy, even the moments that should bring joy don’t. The worry and anxiety blind me from how great my life really is.

Then I take a breath, turn on some music and dance. Free flowing, not a care in the world, expressing whatever I want to express. Just dance.

I worry too much about what others will think, keeping up with the Jones’s, achieving, and I lose my sense of who I am. My reason for being.

Then I close my eyes, open a notebook, grab a pen, and I write. All those things I think but I’m not supposed to say. Scribble outside the lines of who society tells me I should be.

That play brings peace. That play brings purpose. That play brings me back to life in a way I can’t explain.

So my word for 2018….play.


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