Strong (def.) = able to withstand great force or pressure
Synonyms: secure, well built, indestructible, solid

How can we build stronger individuals? Stronger communities? What does “stronger” look like in today’s world?

Maybe “strong” simply means that at any given point in time, we are the best version…of ourselves, of our community, of our organization. How do we accomplish “best?”

I’ll be exploring the path to get there through the 3 words in the title of this blog.

Grit: Facing the hard stuff head on. Challenging yourself continuously. Pulling  yourself up when you can, and asking for help when you need it. Preparing for the worst.

Gratitude: Appreciating every situation as an opportunity to learn. Recognizing goodness in the world. Using gifts and life for good, and for service.

Grace: Giving others space to be themselves. Respecting alternative opinions and views. Showing mercy. Being real.

As I share stories and my viewpoints, I also want to share some tips that have helped me life a healthier and more meaningful life. Although at times, God and wine are the only answers…I have shared links to blogs and websites I’ve used to lift me up, keep me healthy, and be stronger and better person.