Our most valuable resource. We can’t get it back, and we can’t get more of it. There will never be enough. How should we spend it?

Loving, laughing, thinking, learning, working, doing, cleaning, creating, being, CONNECTING. (Thank you Hollie Trenary for sharing this image and inspiring these thoughts! Check out this great story of how she’s connecting with and inspiring others.)

I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop where I had two of those deeply connected conversations with friends earlier today. No wasted moments, no wasted words. Open, honest, vulnerable connection that fills my heart and moves my soul. If I’m gone tomorrow, these two friends will have no doubts about how much I love them.

I don’t know how many of these moments I’ve missed because of worry or hurry. No more. Say those words, take that step, hug that person. I won’t hold back because I know time won’t.

What’s your vision for a great life? What do you value?  How should you spend your time to get there? What would you do if you knew you only had a day to live? Don’t wait!

Let my friends Chad Greenlee, Arsalan Monawar, Riley Mullane, Amanda Wendling & Sarah Watson be your inspiration. Each has taken a brave step to live out their dream to connect with and inspire others. No wasted time my friends…good work!

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