What is success?

As many of you know, I took a break from the typical 8-5 job scene back in May. I wanted to be purposeful about figuring out my next move, and was blessed with the ability to take time to do that. I’ve spent time reflecting, reading, listening to podcasts, learning from mentors, family, and friends. Thank you to all of you who have made these last few months so special! One resource I go back and listen to often is Matthew Kelly’s The Best Way to Live. It’s FREE, get a copy today!

This gift of time has changed the way I choose to live.

I was happy before, but the way I was living didn’t allow me to achieve a successful life on my terms. I WANTED IT ALL, as they say. Maybe from the outside it looked like I had it. I was stressed out and tired. I shut down a part of myself I forgot I had. The part that has made my relationship with myself and others so much better and more fulfilling the last few months. As a friend corrected me the other day, you can HAVE IT ALL, just not all at once. Great perspective that I truly do believe as I look around at people who are frustrated, sick, tired, and strung out trying to keep up.

We have buckets we put our time and energy into. Goals, tasks, relationships, learning, creating, spirituality, fitness, relaxation, etc. Each requires time and energy, and we only have so much of it.

I will no longer pour everything I have into a paycheck and a professional title, and hope I have enough left over for the rest. Having time and energy to be a good wife, a good friend, and to create purposeful, meaningful moments with others is my definition of a successful life. Will that limit what I do professionally? Maybe. But I only have one life and I want to be the best version of myself. I’ve taken a shot at what those buckets and priorities look like for me:

  1. Making time to know and grow with God
  2. Being the best wife for my husband to fulfill our vision of a successful, happy life
  3. Developing relationships with those who challenge and encourage me to be my best self, and who openly and honestly allow me to do the same for them
  4. Maintaining a sense of balance with a routine of fitness and relaxation
  5. Learning, creating, and contributing something of value every single day
  6. Seeking out opportunities to give joy and bring hope

I am comfortable that this will continue to evolve as life does. The key is taking time to think about big questions, priorities and how I’m spending my time and energy. Then to be open and honest about the answers with myself and others who are important to me.

So, where are you spending your time and energy? What’s your vision for a successful life? What do you value? Who you want to be? How do you have to invest in to get there?


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