Don’t Fight It

Panic sets in. The weight of decisions, anxiety of not knowing, our painful inability to answer the big, tough questions. What are we here for? Are we doing the right things?

Sometimes it puts us into a tailspin, right into a dark hole. Dark feelings and worry that lasts for weeks. Until it gets heavy enough that I fall to my knees in tears and pray.

In good times, when I feel that weight or those questions pop up and they won’t leave, I hit my knees right away, open my heart, and lift my eyes.

Giving up control is the scariest thing, yet the greatest gift. We can fight it, but eventually we realize we can’t do this alone, without God. When I try it ends very badly. Frustrated, anxious, lonely, and far less than the best version of myself.

When we let Him guide us, we have the time and space to enjoy the moment, appreciate the lessons, listen, see, think, and be the best version of ourselves. Focus more on the “how” we are doing in life than the “what” we are doing in life.

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