What will be true after?

In the midst of this pandemic, anticipating this divisive election: untruths surround us, fear engulfs us, hate and division no longer surprise us. When the battle is over, what will be true?

Hope and love will be there, as they have been. Life will go on.

In the following days, we can choose to stay stuck in our ways and divided in our factions, or we can surrender to our reality, come together and ask “what now?”

That same energy we’ve used to hate and divide could be redirected toward love and unity. We can build walls to one day find ourselves outside them ourselves, or we can choose to tear them down and invite others in so when it is our turn to suffer and struggle, we will not be tossed aside. We have a choice. What will your choices and actions say about you?

We have let our desire to be right get in the way of doing what is right. It really is that simple. Choose fear, scarcity and power over or choose love, abundance and power to. That same energy we are using to spread fear we could redirect to spread love. First though, we have to love ourselves. This is the sickness of our nation. The desire to protect comes from the shame and guilt we carry and bury. It stems from our inability to love ourself…and we cannot love our neighbor or anyone else if we don’t love ourselves.

Start there friend. What are you really afraid of? That you are not enough? That you will not be loved? We’ve all felt that way at one time or another, but the sad fact is that right now most people are living in fear of those two questions. Those two questions cause people to protect and defend themselves above all else, even at the expense of fellow humans.

When each of us can confidently answer yes to the fact that we are enough and we are loved, the world will change. Fear will dissipate. Love will be given freely. We will live the way we were meant to live.

I’m putting my energy into love. Finding it in God. Filling myself with it. Giving it freely to others so they can confidently answer yes, and spread love to others. What will you choose?

Below I’m including some of my poetry reflections over the last two months. Love and hope are alive my friends. Fill yourself with them, and do not give up. Light covers darkness…every single time.

Lifting, trusting, turning. I am free of it. To love and feel and live in peace. You do not need to be affected. You choose. My eyes are elsewhere. My attention distant. Soaking it all in. Enjoying minute-by-minute. Knowing it’s all just what it is. What will be will be.

More good will come after you’ve given it away. Let go of self-protection and trust that God will provide. Even in stressful and difficult seasons. In those times He is your only hope. Ask Him for what you want and ask what He would like you to do with it. Listen.

Why do we deny ourselves? Why do we live in a lie? Searching for cover instead of searching for freedom? That energy you waste, avoiding and skirting and protecting, is the same you could use for good. To love, to care, to speak truth. What will it take for you to break free? To wake up and realize this is not who you were meant to be?

The walls we build to protect are the same that keep us from love. Saving ourselves at the expense of others. What if we put the energy to protect into love? The fear we feed grows. We make the choice. Feed it and spread it, or replace it with love. Fear cannot live where love shines.

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