To the perpetrators, egotists, thieves, addicts, bullies, and hustlers

I see you. I believe in you. I have been you.

You have made mistakes. So have I. You have hurt people. So have I. You have tried and failed. So have I. You have been angry. So have I. You have been hopeless. So have I.

We have created systems and services to help your victims. What we need is for you to make a different choice. We need your help to break the cycle.

I know you don’t want to hurt other people. I know you don’t want to hurt yourself. I know, even if you don’t, that deep down inside you there is a light. Deep down inside you are good. The world has just gotten to you.

People have labeled you. People have given up on you.
You have resigned to it. You are ashamed, angry, and afraid. But you can’t and won’t let anyone see.

It’s ok. We can leave the past in the past. Regardless of what you have done or what you believe, you are forgiven and you are loved. You can start again tomorrow and choose another way. We need you to chose. We need you to take responsibility. We need you to forgive yourself. We need you to love yourself enough to see the good that is left.

We see you. We believe in you. We need you.

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