Thank You For Loving Me

I see you.
Your amazing smile.
The way you pose
to pull me in.

Tangled up.
There is nothing better.
Lonely weekends
just me and you.
That’s my heart space.

But we have to break.
It’s eternity before
we meet again
in this bed
in your arms.

Of all the things
 I want to achieve
making you happy
is top of the list. 

When you’re gone
I move on
but it’s empty
like my heart is
outside my body.

I wonder what would happen
if you never came back.
You were meant for me
and I was meant for you.

The sun would come up.
The world would still spin.
But nothing would ever be the same again.

You are so much more
than a partner.
You are part of my soul.
You make me better.

Your love is
the greatest gift,
the warmest embrace,
the most beautiful place.
I am so lucky.

Thank you
for loving me.

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