The Honor Box – Action Required

This is about you. I see the light in you and I want to honor it. No strings attached. If you have a fear, concern, or pain you want to let go, check out the Honor Box I created.

We all have tough times, bad days, stressful moments. Most of us have been taught to shove it all down and keep it inside. We become overwhelmed, maybe even desperate, and we can no longer see all of the choices in front of us. We start to feel as if the world is working against us instead of working for us.

The trouble is, all that shoving and ignoring eventually manifests itself. That negative energy never disappears. It comes out in outbursts or exhaustion, and in the worst case, it shows up as a physical disease. I recently watched the documentary “Heal,” (free on Netflix) that outlined the process of disease formation. Accumulation, aggravation, spread, localization (find a weak spot), manifestation, and diversification. I’m also re-reading the book “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.” In it there is an appendix of different ailments and areas we feel pain, and what feelings they may be caused by. It was almost terrifying to read how accurate the different feeling and ailment pairings were for me in my own life experience. I beg you not to ignore your feelings and not to hold them in.

Acknowledge negative feelings and then let them out. Sometimes I get up and walk around and breathe. Other times I write an angry letter I then delete. I phone a friend. Run it out at the gym. Call my therapist or coach. Punch my pillow until I’m exhausted. Whatever you choose to do, acknowledge the feelings and find a way to release them.

I created my blog for my own healing and hoped that it could help others heal along the way. Now I want to take the next step with the Honor Box.

Not everyone is ready to share their fears, concerns, and pain openly so I am offering a way for you to share it anonymously, to know that it will be acknowledged, honored, and released. I have made all fields optional except the comment section. You can submit your fear, concern, or pain to me anonymously if you’d like…no name or a phony name. I will honor your pain by taking what you share and praying for you. May you find relief by releasing it to someone, and find peace as I send you love and hope by asking God to help on your behalf. I see and honor the light in you. I am here to listen and to love.

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