It’s stark white for miles. Even the trees appear frozen. The purity of the snow gives me peace. It’s so plain. A clean canvas. A chance to start over.

All I hear is birds and then silence. No one around for miles. Just me with my thoughts and my boots.

And so I walk. Drudging through the pristine landscape. Carving a path. Making a way. Leaving things behind. Focused on the possibilities ahead.

People tell me they despise winter. I have grown to love the stillness. The way it forces you inside. Into a comfy blanket of being.

The crisp air makes me feel alive. I can hear and appreciate even the smallest movements and noises. Is this presence? I have never felt more alert. More aware than in this moment.

I look to my left and right and see these women walking beside me. Playing their own silent life reel. Shedding their own baggage. Making their own path.

For these moments we are fully present. Outside of our past and not yet into our future. In the chill of the world and in the warmth of our friendship. All alone yet completely together.

I will always remember the feeling of our souls, exposed and vulnerable, traveling together down a road separately and as one.

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