Grandma, I Feel You

Aliyah, you inspired me to write this piece. You are an amazing and loving young woman. We both share the loss of Grandmothers who were like Mothers. I can’t say that it gets easier, but hope we can appreciate the time we had with them on Earth, and the small moments we get to spend with them until we meet them again in Heaven.

Dear Grandma,

It’s been 15 years since I’ve hugged you, but I still see you every day. Those footsteps I hear some mornings getting ready for the day help me know you are with me. I ask you for protection, guidance, and comfort. You always show up, and I am grateful.

Sometimes it’s a butterfly that won’t leave me alone, or an answer on a billboard I’ve driven past a million times, that today I see and so clearly answers the question I’ve been struggling with.  My favorite is the time I actually get to spend with you in dreams.

We do not speak, but our souls are connected in a way that I understand what you are saying just by looking into your eyes. When you left Earth too soon, I spent years regretting things I didn’t say and as I got older, things I didn’t understand at the time that I wish we could’ve talked about.

Now I know that I have these brief but powerful moments to say all those things to you. I have those moments to listen to all the things you wish you could have said to me. You continue to be a strong guide in my life in your Heavenly form, a stronger guide than many people are here on Earth.

Grandma, I am grateful to have this continued connection to you, and to know that you and God are holding hands smiling down and watching over me. I can’t understand God’s plan, but I can appreciate that maybe you are able to help me more from Heaven than you could have on Earth. I love you more today than I did when you took your last breath, and find comfort in knowing that we can continue to be together in spirit.

Until we hug again,


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