Back Where I Come From

My heart is here, but it’s also there.

After my grandparents and mom left, our house feels empty. There is a lump in my throat and an ache in my heart that won’t go away. We are so blessed in our life here, but all I can think about is how far we are from them. How little time I have left to take them in…their hugs, their stories, their giggles, their love.

No matter how much time passes, they will always be a part of me. I want to know them as much as possible. I never want the memories of our time together to fade. I want to keep them with me wherever I go. I commit to be home more, and to call more regularly. They give me joy and peace. I want to spend more time with them.

First awake in the house, Grandpa and I had rare moments to ourselves. We talked about his life growing up and about his perspective on life today. I found out that he used to read to devotions to his mother every morning when he visited her. He still reads them each morning. That’s something I have just begun to do this past year. It made my heart sing that we shared this in common.

We joked about chasing our sweethearts. Grandpa told me long ago that the secret to a happy marriage is to put the other person first. He talked about relentlessly and humbly pursuing my Grandma because he knew she was the one. I could only beam with pride knowing that I pursued my husband in the same manner. I am so grateful for the model of a happy marriage that he and Grandma have been for me.

Grandpa told me if I ever had a problem, I should go outside and do yard work because that’s the best way he found to work through things. Raking leaves and pulling weeds can be good therapy.

Getting to know Grandma and Grandpa for who they really are helps me remember what really matters. Love and time. We played cards, we told stories, we drove around, we broke bread together. In the midst of it all, the small, seemingly insignificant moments were the most meaningful. A smile, a gesture, a hug. These moments will live in my heart.

I can see them in my mom, and her in me. A direct line has been built representing the legacy I am grateful and proud to carry forward. LIVE SIMPLY AND LOVE FULLY.
Love God, work hard, care for each other, and serve others. That’s the kind of life my grandparents live. The more I learn about life, that’s the life I want to live.

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