Big dreams, bold prayers, and hard work

What impossibly big dream is God calling you to draw a prayer circle around?

That’s the question that drew me into the book, “The Circle Maker” (thank you CJ Kleene for giving it to me)! It is a book of miraculous stories all accomplished by dreaming big, praying through, and working hard.

This book has changed the way I pray, and the way I think about prayer. I used to pray in small and generic terms. I was selling myself and God short. The fact is, God can do anything. If we are asking Him to do anything less than help us accomplish the impossibly big dreams we have for our life, we are missing out. What we ask may not be done because He has other plans, but we don’t know if we don’t ask.

But simply asking isn’t enough. If you want something miraculous to happen, you have to ask for it and then work for it. The book says, “Praying hard is hard because you can’t just pray like it depends on God; you also have to work like it depends on you. You can’t just be willing to pray about it, you have to be willing to do something about it.”

Our friend John is a prime example of the miracles that can happen if you are willing to pray hard and work hard. This was a post from his wife Lindsay about his progress following a recent and very risky surgery:

John did stairs today and had his best walking so far with physical therapy! His Doctor and care team came in for his weekly assessment meeting to discuss his progress and ongoing therapy plan, and we have a goal to have him home by next weekend!

During that discussion, his Doctor’s commentary brought tears to my eyes. He said, “By all senses you shouldn’t be able to do what you are doing. People with even some of your brain and spinal cord damage cannot function anywhere near as well as you. It is a miracle you can put these missing pieces together and make your body work the way you do. It is your sheer WILL that is allowing this to happen! It’s amazing. Keep up the hard work!”

God is truly with John, and it’s because of all your prayers! We could never thank you all enough!! #PowerofPrayer #Hehearsus #WillPower #Hesmyhero #AlwaysThankful

John, his family, and friends know the odds but we pray for miracles anyway and John does the hard work to make them happen. What’s even more miraculous is John’s attitude. He stays focused on his recovery and his family, and he’s always got a joke handy. His positivity and faith in spite of the battles he faces daily are inspiring to put it mildly.

Most of us aren’t facing the hardships that John faces, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be praying and working for miracles. Here are just a few of the things I am currently circling in prayer:

  • That John can live the life he wants to live comfortably and peacefully
  • That baby Gwendolyn lives a long, healthy, and happy life
  • That Mitch and I are able to give $1 million to charity
  • That every human finds peace and purpose in their life

I have to play my part to help any of these miracles happen, and I won’t stop working or praying for them.

What are you willing to pray and work for?

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