My Best Life: Family, Country Roads, and Conversations

I’m in the midst of enjoying a great gift: A week back home with my family in rural Nebraska. I’ve had time…time to enjoy:
A sunrise
A long run on a country road
A cup of coffee with my mom
Cookies with my grandma
Hours reminiscing with my grandparents
Girls’ night out with my mom and her friends
A sunset
The smell of fresh cut grass
A yoga session with my stepmom

Time spent connecting, time spent learning, and time spent being. Time…the greatest gift. I planned a full schedule to be with people I love, but we didn’t plan to do anything.
Just be. Together.

I wonder why I haven’t done this before? Why I don’t take time to be present like this every minute of life? Why haven’t I asked the questions I am now about my parents and grandparents history and lives?

Was I so busy doing that I forgot how important being is? Have I been so focused on myself that I didn’t care about others? Was I so focused on the future that I figured the past didn’t matter?

Yes…to all of those questions in some way. I’ve been missing out. Small tweaks in how I’ve been living the past few months have made a huge difference in my life. It’s not the “what” I’m doing that’s so different, it’s the “how” I’m doing it. Being present. Being purposeful. Slowing down. Shedding things that don’t matter.

If connecting, learning, and being help me be my best self, then I have to schedule and practice them. Just like the gym, just like work, just like honing a skill, it takes purposeful investment.

I’ve made a list of people I want to connect with more regularly with a plan to reach out to at least 2 of them per week, even if it’s a simple text.
I’ve made a list of things I want to learn and books I want to read. I will dedicate a minimum of 30 minutes per day reading or learning.
I’ve downloaded the Insight Timer app (meditation exercises) and have a fresh journal. I will spend a minimum of 5 minutes per day practicing mindfulness.

I’m publishing this so you all can hold me accountable. And I have a special group of friends who aren’t afraid to beat me up if I don’t 🙂

What one small change can you make today to be more like who you want to be?
Don’t wait, do it now!

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