Why ask why?

I was sitting in a funeral last week for a man who left the earth way too soon. The priest reflected on how light-hearted, funny, and silly he was through several examples and stories. And then he addressed the question we were all wondering…why? Why did he suffer? Why did his life end so soon? So many why’s.

As I’ve been reflecting on this question, I thought, maybe some choices we don’t understand are based in peace even when we assume they are based in pain…and this followed:

Why? So Many why’s.
We will never know, never understand.
Demands were too great.
Pain was too much.
Burden was too heavy.
Had to cross that line.

Or was it?
Maybe it was time.
What was to be was.
Jesus was calling.
Peace was present.
Wanted to cross that line.

I wouldn’t change it.
That’s what you wanted.
I just hope you know you were loved.
You always had someone to call.
We were all in it together.
I pray you did find peace.

For the rest of us I pray:
You seek to understand yourself.
Outline your desires.
Work to achieve.
Learn and grow.
Love and be loved along the way.
Find peace in Him.

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