What’s Your Motto?

Do you have a motto? I have spent years thinking about “what” I want to do, and have recently come to terms with the fact that I may never know “what” I want to do…ever. After some reflection and discussion with friends, I decided to focus on “who” I want to be and “how” I want to act. If I am honest about my strengths and weaknesses, am rooted in my values and beliefs, and know who I want to be and how I want to act, the “what” will come. And maybe I can enjoy the journey a little more in the process…

So I thought about these 2 questions:

  1. Who do I want to be? (what do I want to be known for)
  2. How do I want to act? (how do I want to make people feel)

Here was how I came up with my motto:
“Bring joy. Give hope. Be curious. Have discipline.”

Bring Joy
I’ve always been drawn to the word joy. My mom loves it (maybe planted it in my subconscious), my favorite Christmas song is Joy to the World, and pure joy…that moment of bliss where time stands still and you are so filled up you feel like your heart may burst…if I can make people feel that way, I would call my life a win. So I give free hugs in the park, laugh out loud, and make time to do what brings me joy so I can bring it to others.

Give Hope
Hope is all we have. I’ve been so far into the tunnel I wasn’t sure there was a way out. But someone held a light up for me so I could find it. I’ve made mistakes I couldn’t forgive myself for, but others have given me that grace. I want to be that for someone. I want people to feel that no matter what their situation, they can be who they want to be. That no matter what mistakes they’ve made, they will be forgiven and they can change. So I wear sun costumes, I forgive myself and forgive others, and extend the helping hand that God has given me.

Be Curious
Learning has become a core value of mine. Reading, studying, listening to others’ stories and perspectives. I have come to value getting to know someone on a deep level: who they are, what motivates them, why they believe what they do, how they live their life, etc. I’ve also learned (maybe from a career in sales!) I shouldn’t assume much of anything, but instead, ask about intentions and choices. So I ask a lot of questions, make learning a daily priority, and try to be patient enough to learn a lesson in every situation.

Have Discipline
I am not good with freedom. I am so grateful for it, but I need goals and boundaries in all aspects of my life to keep me out of trouble. I have an entrepreneur’s spirit and an adrenaline junkie’s attitude…feast or famine, all or nothing, ride or die…all these things…
So I drive 95mph in my Jetta instead of on my motorcycle without a helmet. I challenge a friend to race me to 20 pull-ups in a row, but I train for it instead of hurting myself (almost there!). I let people all the way into my heart, but not right out of the gate. And I try to set goals and boundaries for my entire self: physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual.

Establishing my motto has been deeply meaningful and impactful for me. The process to get to the motto, and the use of it on a daily basis. I have aim, and now I can act. On the days I miss living it out, I reflect, learn, forgive, and try harder the next day.

What will your motto be?

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