Coming Back to Fulfillment in Life and Work – Part 2

In this series I am sharing my process for how I came back to fulfillment in work and life and moved from heart-less to heart-full connection, presence and engagement. For me, this has been the answer to my feelings of burnout. It wasn’t actually doing less, it was doing differently. More fully. More intentionally. More meaningfully. My … Continue reading Coming Back to Fulfillment in Life and Work – Part 2

Coming Back to Fulfillment in Life and Work – Part 1

These past few weeks, life seems extra full. Full of work, full of expectations, full of invitations. I know others feel it too because most of my individual and team coaching sessions are about managing the workload and preventing burnout. On top of our own daily reality is the weight of tension, frustration and division … Continue reading Coming Back to Fulfillment in Life and Work – Part 1

Restorative Leadership: Restoring Your Intentions

To be a Restorative Leader, we must be intentional. The first step of doing intention work is awareness. This requires SLOWING DOWN and often STOPPING all together. We have to wake up to what we are thinking and feeling. Get out of our habit of rushing around and checking things mindlessly off the list. When … Continue reading Restorative Leadership: Restoring Your Intentions

Restorative Leadership: Rediscovering Your Identity

As goes the narrative of my life this year, a painful state of vulnerability in which I am being continually refined and humbled…like a lobster without its protective shell…I am right now, in this moment, both writing about leading from a place of wholeness and connection AND more challenged than I’ve been in a long … Continue reading Restorative Leadership: Rediscovering Your Identity


Whirling thoughtsAnxious feelingsDesire to control This has been my existence. Firm gripHeavy handWinning What has been the cost? Missing moments Losing youForegoing joy Life has been dull. Big questionsSpecks of lightThe feeling of flow How can I keep it? Thinking newLetting goTrusting you The hardest thing to do. Shifting perspectiveChanging heartOpening up What has transitioned? … Continue reading Moments


I let go ofWhat has protected me. I can no longer carry the weight. I am exposed. Unsure of what will be, Longing for what I know,I wrestle with the pieces. Choosing, This time, For me. Shedding certainty,Breathing faith, Gaining freedom. I hope to RememberThis feeling.