Whirling thoughtsAnxious feelingsDesire to control This has been my existence. Firm gripHeavy handWinning What has been the cost? Missing moments Losing youForegoing joy Life has been dull. Big questionsSpecks of lightThe feeling of flow How can I keep it? Thinking newLetting goTrusting you The hardest thing to do. Shifting perspectiveChanging heartOpening up What has transitioned? … Continue reading Moments


I let go ofWhat has protected me. I can no longer carry the weight. I am exposed. Unsure of what will be, Longing for what I know,I wrestle with the pieces. Choosing, This time, For me. Shedding certainty,Breathing faith, Gaining freedom. I hope to RememberThis feeling.

One with the Ocean

We are oneThe ocean And me. The sand. Thousands of granules. One foundation. Pure grit. The salt. Flavoring, preservingThis thing Called life. The waves. Ebbing, flowing,Turning, crashing, Back to calm. The mystery.Depths unexplored, Expanse imagined. Beautiful darkness.