Here we areCircling againLove, pain, hope, despair. Like old friendsWe pick up Right where we left off. I insist weKeep it lightYou insist We cover it all. Big laughsHeavy tearsDeep angerSoul filling joy. They all makeTheir own appearanceIn time. Each time I hopeAt least oneWill stay home. Enough anger. Too much sadness. Go away contempt. … Continue reading Wrestling

The Opening

Emptied out. Filled up. Everything and nothing exists here. Light and dark. Hot and cold. Noise and quiet. See and hear and feel it all. Coming together.Falling apart.Just being. The way it is. Grasping.Letting go. The in between. Comfort in the not knowing. Space. Clarity. Peace.Sacred. Divine. Ordinary. Fully alive. Awake.